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Secretleaf Pure Oil Series 01 is 100% Argan Oil from Argania Spinosa kernel. For hundreds of years, Moroccan has been using argan oil to delay signs of aging and maintaining beauty skin, hair and nails. It is also used by French women in their beauty routines.

This oil is rich in Vitamin E and has many benefits that helps to cure and preventing acne, removing black spots, preventing aging / wrinkles, moisturizing and softening the skin naturally.

Unlike other oils such as olive oil, argan oils easily absorbed into the skin and is extremely lightweight that won’t make the skin feels oily.

In addition to skin care, it is also helpful to strengthen the nails and prevent the hair from being damaged, making you look beautiful from head to toe.



The following are the properties of Argan Oil which is widely known and proven to be true:

- High content of Vitamin E, 3 times more than Olive Oil.

- Helps to control blood cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that 16g (2 teaspoons) Argan oil meets the daily needs of essential linoleic acid, and high content of linoleic acid in Argan Oil helps control cholesterol levels.

- Firms the skin and makes it looks more radiant because it is rich in protein that is excellent for skin elasticity.

- Restores the structure of the skin that is experiencing the aging process and can also restore skin elasticity and moisture.

-Makes skin look younger, fresh, smooth and radiant.

- Functions as a natural moisturizer because it is rich in essential fatty acids and sterols, extremely easy to absorb on skin and non-oily feel.

- Controls hair loss and anti-dandruff.

- Treats the scalp and hair to make the hair thicker, stronger and shinier.

- Removes damaged, dry and weak hair and repair the hair’s damaged cell membranes.

- Protects and treats nails so it will become beautiful, sturdy and not easy to break.

- Soften the cuticles.

- Resolves  acne problem, preventing pores from clogging, thereby reducing the risk of acne emergence.

- Fixes the problem of freckles, pigmentation and scars on all parts of the skin.

- Removes cellulite and stretch marks on the stomach due to pregnancy.

- Helps to treat eczema, psoriasis, chicken-pox and various skin problems.

- Evens facial skin tones.

- Have a good influence on the liver and digestion.

- Helps to treat joint pain.

- Anti-oxidant and protect skin from exposure to harmful UV rays as well as oxidation and free radical activity.

100% natural without any mixture of chemicals, colorant and fragrance. Safe for all ages. . Clinically proven argan oil can increase skin elasticity and skin hydration within four weeks of use. Argan oil users will be able to see less wrinkles of fine lines around the eyes after 2 weeks of usage. More than 80 percent of tested women showed increased skin hydration and elasticity after 1 month of argan oil usage.



Food grade Argan oil is different from Cosmetic grade Argan oil. It has stronger been smell and the color is yellow. This is because it is first grilled before it is extracted into oil.

The benefits of Argan oil for food according to science studies in Morocco and other countries, among which may help reduce cholesterol, the possibility of good for prostate cancer and also help with diabetic problems.

The human-to-human test in Morocco finds it helps to stay youthful-looking, reduce pigmentation and also help with osteoporosis.

Argan Oil for food is to be consumed between 2-4 teaspoons per day.

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