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Secretleaf Plantdefense Whitening Sunscreen: I love the light texture and it’s fast absorbing factor. My first time trying Secretleaf range of product and its very satisfying. I hava very sensitive skin and normally not easy to find suitable product for my skin type however, this just suit me well :)!!

What customer says?

Secretleaf Intensive Beauty Bar I was attracted to the ad on the FB and I wanted to give it a try. I have pigmentation and pimples problem. I’ve tried many products but usually they lasted for few months. So I tried this beauty bar and I realised it solved my pimples problem and my pigmentation […]

What customer says?

Secretleaf Vitamin C Serum 30ml: Skin break out sy semakin berkurangan. Ruam2 kecil dah tak gatal lagi. Kulit pun nampak tak kusam sgt dah. InsyaAllah akan trus pakai. Jeragat pun nampak dah pudar sikit

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